Welcome to Aadvik Foods

who are we?

It all started few years back, when one of our founders, a resident of Bikaner, Rajasthan met camel herders, unknowing of the destiny he was about to witness. Eager to gain knowledge about the ship of the desert, he had a word with the herder, and got to know about the benefits of camel milk. Not only it tasted good, but was fresh and had so many hidden qualities intact within itself. Post coming back to New Delhi, the idea diluted and lost its spark for that time.

Getting an offer from abroad, for work, he left the city for that while.

Witnessing the rising demand for buying camel milk there, he recognized his path and the spark reignited. Just to be sure, he researched about camel milk in india and its medicinal benefits, which illustrated to be a remedy for autism, diabetes and many such chronic diseases. After a period of 5 months, he returned back, leaving behind all his comfort and all the good money he could have earned there and started working upon this project with all the zeal.

He visited his hometown, and met with the same herders, since he found camel milk in india the tastiest and freshest. He pledged to bring their product to the market through a smoother channel, where he could help both, the herders by making the market recognize their product and second, general public by bringing them camel milk and camel milk products.

Aadvik Foods as a project runs to dissipate the gap between the camel milk and its consumers. It solely targets to build a bridge between herders and the market. It has been ensured that all the camel milk is pasteurized and made fit for drinking. Knowing about the perishable nature of camel milk, it’s packaged and stored under definite parameters to ensure longer shelf life ,so people who buy camel milk online do not face any issues.

With an idea to serve people the next super food in the world, Aadvik Foods laid its foundation in the CPG industry with its flagship product - Camel Milk. We are the first, best in its class company, to provide this God sent nectar to each and every Indian household. With your health and nutrition as our prime consideration, we at Aadvik Foods, put in our best efforts to bring you camel milk, unadulterated, totally safe for you and your dear ones.

Our Mission: To offer quality products and services to our customers at all times.

Our Vision: To be a pioneer and an indigenous brand of pure natural foods and products across the nation, with special focus on nutrition and health

camel milk in india

what we do?

Our main intention is to make people of our homeland aware about richness and goodness and all the pretty words, which they could get out of the nutritional and medicinal benefits of camel milk. Known for its curative potential and significant dietary benefits, there are so many benefits of camel milk. People living in deserts have been taking advantage of camel milk and camel milk products since ages. The markets of huge and developed economies such as US, UK and Middle East started buying camel milk to pour in more and more use of camel milk into their markets, recognising its health benefits.

Not only this, but camel milk has been mentioned about, in ancient medicinal practices as well, stating its healing powers. It has many proteins which have proven to increase the immunity of human body, which is absent in cow milk or found in very rare quantities. Also, camel milk in autism and diabetes has proven to control and even restructure the ailment behaviour. It also has a stable glycemic control. Sadly due to less freight channels and support, transportation of camel milk was a daring task. But we at Aadvik Foods have made it easier for the consumers to buy camel milk online in India. The milk provided by us is pasteurised to kill any unwanted pathogens and has a higher shelf life. We have tried to kill the gap between you and camel milk by creating a platform where you can interact with us and get it delivered at your doorstep.

How Do We Do It

Aadvik Foods employs an efficient staff which is ever‐ready to answer to your queries and help you get camel milk delivered. You can order camel milk online. It’s even simpler than ordering a pizza! Once we receive your order, it is packaged and delivered to you, pure and fresh.

First Things First: Call us and place your order. Our representative would make you aware about the current prices and help you out. Determine how much quantity you require.

Tell us about your place: Send in your complete address, where you want it to be delivered along with your alternate phone numbers and other details, just so we never miss out your delivery and you receive it timely.

When it’s out, we’ll let you know: Once the milk is dispatched, we will notify you about the shipment ID, so you would be able to track it.

Once it’s there, enjoy your camel milk!