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There is a common myth associated with Autism that it pertains only to a certain section of people. This is WRONG. Autism affects all socioeconomic groups. (1 out of 35 boys and 1 out of 151 girls fall prey to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as per 2018’s report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (B1). In India alone, there are more than one million cases every year. All these facts and stats prove one thing- Autism is a serious issue and needs to be dealt with utmost importance and care. Although medically incurable, the conditions can still be controlled among kids to an extent. Diet plays an important role in and whether you’re aware of the fact or not, ‘Camel Milk’ is one of the key essentials which positively affects an autistic child’s life. Camel milk has been fed as a medicine in the Middle Eastern and African countries to counter extreme conditions a child with the malady goes through. There are some wondrous properties in the liquid that makes it a better option than its other lactic counterparts. How does it help in combatting Autism? Following is the answer:

Camel milk is considered a ‘Superfood’ and its nutrient quantity is exponential. With the presence of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, insulin (for blood sugar stabilisation), proteins and antibodies the dense milk is an absolute commodity for a healthy diet. It is known not just for effective body growth but also for tackling disorders like Autism.

Camel milk is known to relieve autistic fits or meltdowns which at times can be very onerous for both the parents and the child. As per research and tests, it has been deduced that it can restrict any violent bouts or fits and enhance normal behaviour.

This is due to the presence of antioxidant enzymes that portray a pathophysiological role to control the conditions of ASD. This is quite therapeutic for Autistic children if they consume camel milk on a daily basis. Along with that, it has some other health benefits.

Children suffering from Autism (or even ADHD) can develop symptoms of gastrointestinal problems (GI) and are in dire need for help. Camel milk helps to cure children of such conditions. It is also beneficial to heal the children from immune system dysfunction which they are prone to develop.

You may ask ‘but does cow milk not have the same effect since it is considered one of the most essential dietary items?’

(Your question is legit but there are certain differences in both the milk types with the former (camel) having several nutritional advantages over its fairer counterpart. The amount of vitamin C is thrice of that in cow milk and ten times the iron content. It has nanobodies which have unique functionalities that include travelling to some areas of the bodies like the brain where even our own antibodies can’t. They also help in gut healing. It is known to reduce intracellular movements and boost the normal cellular function. In comparison to cow milk, it doesn’t consist of those specific proteins which bring about allergy among children.

Camel milk also enhances the cognitive aspects of a child and improves the motor skills right from the infant stage. Both of these skills are crucial since these two aspects are primarily affected due to Autism) (B2).

(There have been recorded cases where camel milk has improved an Autistic child’s behavioural patterns including eye contact, communication, emotional abilities and self-control) (B3). There are many other medicinal benefits that come with camel milk which easily testifies that why a parent should consider the drink for his/her children suffering from Autism. Even if you have a child with no medical disorders camel milk is still necessary for a healthier body and mind development.

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