Why Camel milk is Essential for Body Growth and Development among Kids

By September 26, 2018 camel milk

Since our childhood, our mothers have reiterated the benefits of drinking milk and how it helps in your development in the growing years. People may/may not develop a liking for milk but one can’t deny the fact it is one of the foremost essentials in the daily food intake. People in India are more familiar with cow milk and goat milk but not much with camel milk. The milk obtained from the ‘Ship of the desert’ is, as the appellation suggests, is consumed mostly in the interiors of the state of Rajasthan and it outdoes its counterparts in terms of nutrient contents and health benefits. The following pieces of information will explain why camel milk is important for proper development of the body in terms of growth:

More nutritional value

In comparison to cow milk, camel milk is richer in Calcium and iron which are very essential for the strengthening of the bones and muscles. This is especially for adolescent kids who are in their growing stages and the presence of camel milk in their diets will surely boost their body growth. It also has a better Vitamin C content than its counterpart.

Boosts immunity

Immunity is mandatory for the growing body especially in cities where children are prone to so many diseases. During growth, immunity plays a vital role and camel milk is one of the best sources for increasing it.

Structure of protein

Camel milk is rich in protein content and is devoid of some of the proteins that are present in cow milk to which many children are allergic to. What we are referring to here is A1 Casein and Lactoglobulin which are not present in camel milk and therefore, makes it a safer choice as a nutrient rich item for steady growth.

Less fat

Camel milk consists of only 2-3% fat from the monounsaturated Oleic acid form. Presence of too much fat in milk sometime affects the development of a child, therefore, with the daily intake of camel milk, the risk of too much fat consumption is easily eliminated.

Ergo, you’re now aware of what brilliant benefits camel milk brings along and if you have a growing kid at your home, there should be no second thoughts about whether to include camel milk in the staple diet or not. It has to be if you yearn to see him/her evolve with full vigour.

Apart from helping in the overall body development, camel milk helps in other activities like battling Autism, Diabetes, increasing fitness and strength, keeping heart problems at bay, reducing the risk of allergies, enhancing autoimmunity and many more health advantages that’ll make you buy your pack of the ‘desert diet’ right away.

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