Camel Milk Chocolate - Butterscotch 50g

  • Long chain of Fatty Acids in Camel Milk gives your skin a moisturization effect as well as helps in smoothening your skin. It is blessed with Alpha-hydroxy acids and Lactic Acids that fights ageing and helps in brightening and evening of your skin tone. With SPF33 protect your skin against the darkening effects of UVA1/UVA2/UVB rays.


Aadvik Camel Milk Chocolate with Butterscotch- 50g.
Camel Milk Chocolates by Aadvik represent the discerning taste of the desert world. These Camel Milk Chocolates represent the refined elegance and are made from low-fat camel milk and rich cocoa. Camel milk is rich in vitamin C, Iron and long chain fatty acids, enhances the chocolate texture making it healthier and smoother than other Chocolates. These exquisite flavored chocolates by Aadvik will leave you mesmerized.

Key Ingredients – Butterscotch, Cocoa Solids, Camel Milk Powder.