Camel Milk Facial Scrub with White Tea Rose 100ml

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The beautiful gift from the desert, Camel Milk Facial Scrub is now made available in India for the first time by "Aadvik". Experience the richness & softness of camel milk which gives your skin a moisturizing effect & a healthy glow. Camel milk is rich in natural Alpha-hydroxy acids which replenish skin, helps in anti-ageing, and acts as a natural toner. It is rich in iron and vitamin C & D as well. The lactic acid in camel milk also helps to brighten the skin and even the skin tone. Aadvik White Tea Rose Facial Scrub is a unique sensorial and effective formula to exfoliate the skin in a single step. Its fine texture gently removes dead cell layer and minimize the pore size without any irritation. Corn derived Glycolic acid penetrates the deepest layers of the skin and dissolves pore clogging dirt and oil. With added advantage of Rose acting as a strong anti-oxidant, aiding in skin lightening, acne scars and black head removal. It is free from Paraben, GMO, Mineral oils and By Products. No animal fats used and non-animal tested. Calm yourself with the Goodness of Camel Milk.