Camel Milk in Diabetes

Hence searching for an alternative remedy for the same was the need of the hour. Many clinical researches have provided established witnesses where Camel milk was found to be helpful in controlling the blood sugar levels in humans. Camel milk is efficient in regulating blood sugar levels as well.

Most of the orally taken medicines for diabetes is acted upon by digestive enzymes. Smaller peptides acting like proteins are unable to overcome the barriers in the stomach and are degraded by the digestive processes, hence failing to enter the blood stream. It is the uniqueness of the camel milk that it helps in keeping it protected during the digesting process and is not acted upon by digestive enzymes.

Camel milk doesn’t coagulate at lower pH and has larger lipids than in milk of other mammals. Camel, being a desert animal, is adjusted to such circumstances naturally, hence, explains the unique property of its milk.

Camel milk has been proven beneficial in many laboratories, be it Indian or international, for patients of diabetes type 1 and type 2 by long term glycemic control. It also helped to heal diabetic wounds in a clinical trial. It was also found that in type 2 diabetes, camel milk reduces FBS, post-prandial glucose and HbA1c.