Camel Milk Lactose Intolerance

Many people are intolerant to lactose present in general dairy products. A study in a laboratory of Brazil, inferred that camel milk can be used as a perfect alternative to cow milk. Lactose intolerance happens in an individual when he cannot digest lactose, a kind of sugar present in milk, causing indigestion and inflammation in stomach. This can be due to genetic faults or due to the inability of the body to produce lactase, an enzyme which breaks down lactose into simpler sugars so that it becomes easier for digestion.

In an experiment, 25 people who were lactose intolerant, were taken into observation. The patients were given gradual amounts of cow milk and subsequently camel milk. The results confirmed that 23 out of 25 people showed excellent acceptance to camel milk. The other two had a very mild reaction to it. Most of the patients showed significant reactions clinically, post ingestion of even smaller amounts of cow milk. But camel milk suited them to a great extent. Therefore people who are lactose intolerant can substitute normal milk with camel milk in their diets.