What do people say

Amit Singhal

We found it genuine, excellent, and authentic. Camel milk was recommended to us by our doctor. Our kids have been consuming camel milk for the past 5 months. We have observed quite an impressive change in behaviour of our kid who is mild autistic. A noticeable change has been observed in the overall immunity of our kids. Now my kid is less prone to food allergies.
The kid has become taller in the past few months after drinking camel milk. Now my daughter has also started drinking camel milk for gaining height.
Aadvik Foods delivers camel milk in excellent condition and we have never had any quality issues with their product. They have always delivered the product in time and in frozen condition.

Suchir Bhatnagar

My child has always been prone to diseases. I searched for a natural product that can enhance the immune system of my kid. I read that camel milk helps in improving immunity of human body. My child has been consuming camel milk for the past 3 months and there has been an improvement in his immunity. It has helped in gut healing too which used to create immense problems earlier.
I am very happy with the product and the timely delivery of Camel milk from Aadvik Foods.

Anil Khandelwal

I am a diabetic patient. I searched on the internet for natural products to curb diabetes and found that camel milk can help in diabetes. I have been drinking camel milk from Aadvik Foods for the past 4 months and I have observed reduced sugar levels. I drink a bottle of camel milk in the morning and a bottle in the evening. I have included it in my daily diet now. I am also impressed by the quality and service standards maintained by Aadvik Foods.

Mohammed Junaid

Service quality is excellent. My daughter was amongst the shortest kid in her age group. She has been drinking camel milk from Aadvik Foods for the past few months. There has been a remarkable increase in her height. She has gained more than a couple of inches and now her height is at par with height of children of her age group.
The service quality maintained by Aadvik Foods is excellent. I receive the milk in frozen condition at my doorstep in Bangalore. If the price can come down a bit, the benefits of this milk can be reaped by more number of people. Camel milk from Aadvik Foods is highly recommended.

Garima Sinha

Good quality product. My child has been consuming camel milk for more than 5 months now. I have observed an improvement in the behaviour of my child who is mild autistic. Highly recommended product.

DNS Bisht

I’ve been consuming Aadvik Camel Milk for over a month now. Although am Autistic, I feel it’s too early to comment on the impact of the milk on my health but I must say the taste of camel milk is something new to me and I’m already addicted to it. And yes, I think it’s better than cow or buffalo milk

Priyadarshini Rao

Good quality and excellent service. My child has been drinking camel milk since past 3 months and is consuming it well without any side effects. My friends suggested me to give camel milk to my child as it helps in autism. As of now it is too early to comment on any observable changes in the health/behaviour of my child but as suggested by my friends I hope I will see the results soon.

Rabia Saif

When I researched about autism, camel milk seemed to be promising. So I hope that my child will improve soon. I am satisfied with Aadvik Foods' product and service.

Mr. Srivastava

My 4 years old son has mild autism. Daily dose of 400 ml of camel milk for the past 4-5 months has helped in Gut healing, reduced food allergies and stomach problems, and improved immunity of my child. Though the price is a little bit on the higher side but the quality of Aadvik Foods' product and service is commendable.